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Cageside Seats Monster Month #29




The relaunch of ECW three years ago (has it really been that long?) caused a lot of buzz among internet wrestling fans. Will Vince stay true to the original ECW formula? Can wrestling work on the Sci-Fi channel? Is there room for a 3rd WWE brand? The answers in order are NO, YES, and YES. We knew right away this wasn't going to be the traditional ECW that a small handful of us knew and loved at one time. On the first televised show of the new ECW a zombie came out and, uh, cut a sort of promo. Then the Sandman came out and beat his ass. That was the beginning and end of the ECW zombie. Now days ECW is usually a pretty good show, but alas there is simply no room for the Zombie. Who knows, maybe Zombieland will be a huge hit and things will start looking up for our decomposing pal. Here's his match with Sandman. Have a great day!


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