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Beltgate Update: Ric Flair knows how to text message people, and more!


The guys with the wrestling news and the software that does the spying are reporting further details in the potential sale of Ric Flair's old "domed globe" NWA World Heavyweight Title belt that was also held by a number of other top stars in the previous decades.  While Flair's lawyer has not had any discussions with Highspots about the belt (given to Highspots as collateral so they'd loan money to Flair) being listed on eBay this coming Monday, Flair sent a text message to Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio indicating that he was aware of their plans.  If Flair does not repay the loan by the close of the business day on Monday, the belt will be auctioned off.

A bunch of private collectors have expressed interest in the belt in addition to a wrestling promotion that would like to outright buy the belt without an auction taking place.  Belt collectors have predicted that the belt could end up selling for at least $100,000, given that that some of them have made orders that large for multiple belts in the past in addition to noting that ring-worn WWF/E belts, which are typically used for under a year at a time, have gone for over $10,000 each.

There are yet to be any reports as to why anybody would consider loaning Ric Flair money.  I'd like to think that Highspots loaned him much less than the belt will sell for, knowing he wouldn't pay them back, allowing them to make a huge profit on the sale, but unfortunately, my common sense kicks in and reminds me that Highspots is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, connecting the dots from there.

By the way, for those of you who may be wondering where the original "big gold" NWA/WCW belt is (the one that inspired the current World Heavyweight Title belt held by CM Punk), the common belief is that Scott Steiner has it, having swapped out his cast copy for the original in 2000.

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