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Hulk Hogan to TNA?!

Hulk Hogan has a press conference scheduled today at Madison Square Garden, ostensibly in connection with his new book and his upcoming Australian tour and promotion, Hulkamania.  The Wrestling Observer is reporting that there may be more to this than we expected:

Sources close to Hulk Hogan have informed us that he will be making a big announcement today at his press conference in Madison Square Garden scheduled to start in a few minutes.

Secretly, there were banners for both Spike TV and TNA being put up as a backdrop minutes ago in MSG.

Sources close to the situation say Hogan has inked a deal with TNA and that more will come out in his announcement.  Hogan is believed to be not the only big name signed although he may be the only one announced today.

Wow, that would be a big coup for TNA.  The company has basically been trying to sign Hogan since day 1, and have been close to signing him on several occasions, but each time Hogan has been able to go back to Vince and get the money and exposure he wanted. 

I'm also curious as to what the "other big names" could be, and my best guess would be either Flair or Goldberg.  Exciting times!

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