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Brock Out of UFC 106, PPV to Suck Now

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Dana White has stated that UFC world heavyweight champion and supernova buyrate machine Brock Lesnar has been sick with a flu he has been unable to shake for nearly a month.  His scheduled main event against Shane Carwin for the title at UFC 106 on November 21 has been subsequently postponed and will now take place January 2 in Las Vegas.

Bad news for UFC as this cancellation leaves UFC 106 without a title fight that was sure to draw huge numbers, but will now instead probably draw the usual UFC buyrate of like ten times the average WWE PPV.  Luckily, the co-main event was the somewhat thrown-together matchup of the returning Tito Ortiz against Forrest Griffin, which is still endlessly intriguing.

Get well soon, Brock.  America wants to see you wallop fools!