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WWE Re-Signs Lance Cade

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The Wrestling Observer reports:

Lance McNaught, who wrestled as Lance Cade and had been with the company for 8 years before being let go after a seizure the company believed was due to pain pills, has been rehired.

Cade was getting the biggest push of his career at the time of the incident, including pinning Shawn Michaels in a tag team mach just weeks before being let go. 

Lance Cade is probably medium-talented.  He's certainly not the internet darling that his ex-partner Trevor Murdoch was, and if we're being honest, he's nowhere near as good as Murdoch.  WWE has been high on Cade for a good long while, and I hope they give him some room to be a future big deal like they're currently doing with the guys in Legacy, and less of a face in the crowd like Charlie Haas and Chris Masters.  He's really going to have to be given something pretty great by creative, however, because he's historically been fairly bland and nondescript.