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Paul Heyman Is An Idiot

The Sun reports that Paul Heyman, in his latest "Heyman Hustle" commentary, that pop superstar Rihanna is ripping off ECW on the cover of her latest single.  Before you begin, this is Rihanna's cover:


And this is the image Paul claims is being aped:


As the sun paraphrased so nicely:

Paul - the former boss of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) - says there is an uncanny similarity between her latest single cover and an old album of his theme tunes.

He posted both pictures on his Heyman Hustle website, pointing out his image - featuring a grappler known as Sandman - was released back in 1998.

And Paul told The Sun: "It's pretty obvious this was copied from, or at least EXTREMELY inspired by the ECW album cover.

"From the barbed wire and the right arm up in the air to the blood dripping off the logo.

"Hey, I don't blame them. If you're going to copy someone, copy from the best.

"By the way, Rihanna... you're welcome!"

First of all, if Rihanna has ever in her life heard of ECW I would fall over backwards like a 1920s comic strip character.  Secondly, the only thing remotely similar about the two photos is the presence of barbed wire...and even that is a bit of a stretch.  Perhaps Paul spends a lot of time using the Google Image Search function for "right arm raised" so that he can jump in and claim credit for completely random things.


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