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Update on Nigel in TNA

Yesterday we reported on Nigel McGuinness being present at the TNA tapings last night.  Although last month it looked like Nigel would be following fellow ROH alum Bryan Danielson to WWE, it appears that WWE rescinded the contract offer following Nigel failing his physical.  If this story is true, it's not clear exactly how Nigel failed his physical, but one's best guess would be due to the concussions or biceps injuries he has wrestled through for the better part of the past two years.  

Nigel did indeed debut at last night's TNA tapings, appearing either as "Desmond Hawk" or "Desmond Wolfe" depending upon who is writing the recap.  He showed up attacking Kurt Angle at several points both in and out of the ring and challenging Angle. It appears that the two will square off at the next TNA PPV.

It looks like my initial concerns were a bit unfounded.  TNA appears to be introducing Nigel as a key player right off the bat, and he could certainly do no worse than a big feud with Kurt Angle, who is absolutely TNA's biggest star.  Look for his debut tomorrow night on Impact.

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