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Nigel McGuinness To TNA, Danielson May Follow

In a somewhat surprising move, several websites are reporting that Nigel McGuinness, who finished up with ROH last month and was set to be heading to WWE, is backstage at TNA in Orlando and is going to debut on their tapings tonight.  Some sites are claiming that WWE took too long dragging their feet in negotiations and Nigel either decided to go to TNA or TNA swooped in and grabbed him, depending upon who is telling the story.  Some sites have even gone so far as to claim that his new name in TNA will be "Dylan Wolfe".  So time will tell on all counts, here.

Speculation is that Bryan Danielson may be heading over to TNA next.  Both of these wrestlers were very high-profile signings for the indies over the past couple months, and easily the largest signings since Samoa Joe went to TNA.  If it's true that either of them have gone to TNA, I'm glad they were able to get deals, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't endlessly disappointed.  These are great performers, and even if they got lost in the shuffle in WWE, it would be better for them in the long run than signing with TNA.  That may just be the snarky jaded internet wrestling fan in me, however.  Still, I can barely watch TNA and when I do, I only catch a small portion of the show because I'm shaking my head so hard in disbelief. 

Stay tuned for indieTNAgate updates.

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