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Cageside Seats Monster Month #13



Yeti- n.  A hairy humanlike animal reportedly inhabiting the snows of the high Himalaya Mountains. Also called Abominable Snowman.

Nowhere in the definition of the word "Yeti" do you see anything even close to mummy-like. Nothing. And yet WCW decided to name a man dressed entirely like a mummy "The Yeti". I am left to assume that no one in power in WCW in the year 1995 had access to a dictionary. Or a globe. Or common sense. Meet yet another member of Kevin Sullivan's suckfest known as The Dungeon of Doom. The Yeti was played by 7'0 waste of sperm Ron Reis who later went on to suck as Reese in Raven's Flock. Ron Reis was really bad at pro wrestling, but at least he contributed to two of the most hilariously awful moments in WCW history. Since I love you all, I have tracked down those two moments. Have fun!



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