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Cageside Seats Monster Month #30




Fifty percent man. Fifty percent bull. One hundred percent awesome. Welcome to the horror and terror that is Mantaur. Someone in WWF's brain trust came up with the idea of making a guy wear a bull mask to the ring and be some sort of a hybrid man/bull. This might have been somewhat amusing had he not removed the bull mask when he got to the ring and revealed that he was not, in fact, part bull. OK, that's a stretch. It would have sucked with or without the mask. Mantaur was really, really bad at wrestling but was apparently beloved by all of "The Boys". I remember hearing Jim Cornette in a shoot interview once say that "Mantaur, God bless his heart, was the sweetest man on Earth but GOD DAMN did he suck a dick at wrestling." I can really think of nothing better to say about him than that sentence right there. Here's a couple of squash matches. See you tomorrow.




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