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Sting: Will He or Won't He & Bound For Glory Results

TNA's Bound For Glory
TNA's Bound For Glory

TNA Bound For Glory 2009 is in the books, with the big story being Sting's possible retirement, LoP has a report of the post-main event speech from the Stinger.

After the match, Sting was going to leave the ring but he returns and shakes A.J.’s hand before leaving the ring for A.J. to celebrate. A.J. asks for a mic and he tells Sting to come back into the ring. He reminds Sting that he has entertained these fans for 23 years and this is his home state. He tells Sting that the ring is his spotlight. A.J. tells Sting that this is his time now.

Sting returns to the ring and A.J. goes to the back. Sting thanks the fans and he says that he did not expect to be in the ring because this moment is not about him, it is about the world champion. Sting says that if he is going to lose, he is glad that he lost to A.J. Styles. If he can lose, he is glad to lose at home. Sting says that since he has this platform, he should cover what people have been asking him for the last few months. Sting says that he will not pull a Brett Favre and he did not plan to make an announcement. Sting says that he does not know if he will come back, but what he heard yesterday and the way the fans reacted tonight, he wants to stay forever.

Very much a "Will he or won't he?" situation with Sting, don't bet on him leaving when he can just work spot shows. Let's not forget Sting's TNA career started by making some promo videos and not wrestling a match for nearly a year. It was a brilliant idea during the late 90's in WCW, in 00's TNA without introducing him properly and giving him a reason to care about TNA, well, kinda dumb.

Quick Results:

Pre. Motor City Machineguns def. Lethal Consequences
1. Amazing Red won Ultimate X
2. TNA Knockout Tag Championship: Taylor Wilde/Sarita(C) def. The Beautiful People
3. TNA Legend Championship: Eric Young def. Kevin Nash(C) and Hernandez
4. IWGP/TNA Tag Championships: British Invasion/Team 3D def. Main Event Mafia/Beer Money, Inc.
5. TNA Knockout Championship: ODB(C) def. Awesome Kong and Tara
6. Submission: Bobby Lashley def. Samoa Joe
7. Monster's Ball: Abyss def. Mick Foley
8. Kurt Angle def. Matt Morgan
9. TNA World Championship: AJ Styles(C) def. Sting

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