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Cageside Seats Monster Month #14




In the history of professional wrestling there have been maybe 5 or 6 original ideas. Everything else has been a rehashing of a previous idea with varying degrees of success. So the fact that a wrestling character was based DIRECTLY on a movie character should come as a shock to literally no one. Mike Kirchner enjoyed modest success in the WWF in the mid 80's as Corporal Kirchner before flunking a drug test and losing his job. He headed to Japan and took on the Leatherface persona and did OK, although he did have some controversial moments. In one instance he beat the living hell out of a fan and did a stint in jail. Later on he went nuts during a deathmatch and leg dropped a piece of a bed of nails onto the throat of Hiroshi Ono before powerbombing Ono onto the bed of nails. Yeah. Apparently he still works from time to time, popping up in the ICP garbage promotion once in a while. Yes, I hate Juggalos. Deal with it. There were two Leatherfaces, and truth be told I'm not sure which one is in the Kensuke Sasaki/Leatherface match I'm posting here, nor do I care. I'm also posting both parts of a nice garbage brawl between Leatherface and Crash the Terminator. Knock yourselves out.



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