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Cageside Seats Monster Month #19, #18 & #17



A massive winter storm and ensuing power outage had me sidelined for a few days but Monster Madness waits for no man. Let's do this...




Balls Mahoney has long been rumored to be sort of mentally... special. Repeated chair shots to the head, alleged drug use and a New Jersey upbringing have all contributed to the wonderful wad of dead brain cells and poor hygiene that we have come to know and love over the years. Before going on to achieve moderate fame in both the original and re-born ECW, Balls had a cup of coffee in the WWF as Xanta Clause, Santa's evil brother from the South Pole. Whoever came up with that winner of an idea is obviously more mentally damaged than old Balls himself. Monsterous? Not really I guess, but this is a loooooooong month and there's bound to be a couple stinkers here and there. DEAL WITH IT. Here's a squash match where he squashes a young Scotty 2 Hotty.


#18 & #17



A tag team counting as two selections? I'm breaking all the rules tonight! The Barbarian scared the living piss out of me as a kid. He had a vacant look in his eyes that is normally reserved for serial killers and other social malcontents and just beat the hell out of people. Haku/Meng was another dude who looked like he could snap at any given moment. You put the two of them together and you had an awesome midcard tag team. Here's a match featuring them taking on a gimmick-less John Tenta and Ron Reis and a tribute video put together by our very own Victator. See you tomorrow.



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