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Paul Heyman pays tribute to Captain Lou Albano


Over at the Heyman Hustle blog, Paul Heyman has posted his thoughts on Lou Albano (and gave us the above photo of a 15 year-old Heyman with the Three Wise Men of the East).  You haven't lived until you've read an Albano road story through the eyes of a teenage huckster/wrestling photographer (later turned huckster/wrestling manager turned huckster/wrestling promoter), starting with this:

There are so many "Albano" stories to tell, from the time he ran in his shorts and flip flops up 8th Avenue in New York City when his car broke down during a snow storm, and had hundreds of people following him to what was then known as The Howard Johnson's Hotel where everyone stayed; to the time he got into a drinking contest with Andre The Giant at the hotel bar, took a Ric Flair-esque face bump into the top of a stool, cracked his head, and was knocked out cold ... only to wake up when Don Muraco and Greg Valentine helped peel Lou off the floor. Lou ran outside, threw up all over the sidewalk (with half the remnants of his dinner prominently remaining on his hairy chest), came back inside, ordered another 3 rounds, turned to Andre and said "I get a 3 drink handicap for that bump!"

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