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Cageside Seats Interview: Scott Lost

Scott Lost is one of the founders of southern California's Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, which has quietly been one of the best independent wrestling promotions for some time.  PWG's 2009 thus far has been increasing that reputation, and along with the growing word-of-mouth, wrestling fans are beginning to take more and more notice of Scott Lost.  He spent much of the early part of his career in legendary tag teams with flamboyant partners Chris Bosh and Joey Ryan, but 2009 has featured more of Lost as a singles competitor than ever before. 

Scott was kind enough to take the time for an interview with Cageside Seats, which you can find after the jump.

Cageside Seats: What was the moment or event that made you decide that wrestling was what you wanted to dedicate yourself to?

Scott Lost: I went and watched a UPW training session. A lot of the guys there were the same size and me and my friend, Ryan Ruffio. We actually had some tag matches together as the Lost Boys, but he quit after ½ a year of in ring action. I wonder what would have happened if he kept going. We were a great tag team.

CS: You're one of the founding fathers of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  How did the formation of PWG come about?

SL: We all wanted more places to work, basically. A few of the guys had some differences with some promoters, so they weren't getting as much work, so we said, "F it, let's put our own thing together."

CS: PWG has been getting a lot of attention so far in 2009 due to the amazing shows they've been presenting.  What are some of the elements that have contributed to PWG's recent success?

SL: I think PWG has always had a good degree of success. This year in particular? I dunno. Maybe the guys are stepping up their game compared to last year. The Bucks found their niche with the Dragon Gate style they've been using, while I've found mine in singles finally.

CS: You mainly wrestle in Southern California for PWG and in promotions like AWS.  Do you have a desire to wrestle in other places or for any particular companies?

SL: I'd like to get a run at ROH, hopefully that'll happen. If not, no biggy.

CS: Before 2009 you were known primarily as a tag team wrestler, but now you're breaking out as a singles star. 

SL: Yuppers. I've been itching for a singles run forever, let me tell you! After Bosh quit, I told the office that I wanted to do singles. I got a few singles matches, then had a knee injury forcing me back into tags. Tags kept me in the ring while I was healing and out of the ring enough to not affect my knees progress. Even after I was healed, they needed more tag teams and I stayed put out of necessity.  

CS: Some people are pegging you as a favorite to win the vacant PWG World Heavyweight Title at the upcoming 2009 Battle of Los Angeles. 

SL: Sweet! I've been making progress with each year as far as BOLA goes, so lets see how far I get this year.

CS: Most independent wrestlers have WWE as their ultimate goal in the business.  You've known and worked with a lot of wrestlers who have signed with WWE and come back to the indies.  How do you feel about WWE as the "holy grail" for young wrestlers in this day and age?

SL: I wanted to go to the WWE the first 2 yrs of my wrestling career. I knew how hard the schedule was and on top of it, I never wanted to do steroids. At the time, you had to [do steroids] if you wanted to go there. Is it the holy grail for some young guys in the business? Absolutely. I know guys that still talk about WWE on a regular basis. Me personally, I haven't watched wrestling in 2 years! I try keeping inspired and fresh by watching Kung Fu movies.

CS: What are your thoughts on the current WWE product?

SL: I have no clue. Word on the street is Randy Orton is wrestling Cena at the next PPV or something like that. Sounds like the same stuff I was watching 2 years ago... maybe 3 years now that I think about it. I do like Orton though! He was one of my favorites to watch, when I was watching.

CS: What about your thoughts on TNA?  Would you ever consider signing with them?

SL: Yeah, I'd love to sign with them. Same as WWE goes, I haven't seen anything in years. 

CS: Who are some of your favorite opponents or partners?

SL: Scorpio Sky without a doubt has been one of my favorite opponents. We have such a similar style, that the matches just flow. Just like Bruce Lee, I'm all about the flow. I dunno if I've ever had a bad match with El Generico either.  All my regular tag partners were great. Fun partners that were just a one-time thing were TJ Perkins and Scorpio Sky (Drill Team). Both are guys that I have good chemistry with.

CS: Who are some wrestlers that you would love to work with or against?

SL: Anyone from my childhood, really. I swear. I'd make it work, no matter how weird their gimmick was. As far as guys working now, I've worked probably everyone that I'd ever want to work. Can't think of one off the top of my head. I would like to take Peter Avalon under my wing and guide him as much as possible. He's already off to a great start.

CS: What are your ultimate goals in the business? 

SL: When all is said and done, what will you have wanted to accomplish? Well, for right now, I want to win that PWG strap. That's my immediate goal. Anything else, we'll just have to wait and see!

CS: What is your favorite match you've ever wrestled?

SL: Too hard to narrow it down. Couldn't say...

CS: What is your all-time favorite match (or matches) as a wrestling fan?

SL: Ah, man, a ton of Bret Hart matches. Those will forever be my bible when it comes to wrestling. Him vs. Perfect, Piper, Shawn, you name it, it was just a great match to watch.

CS: In addition to wrestling, you're also a skilled artist and avid comic book fan.  What are your goals for your career as an artist?

SL: I'd like to draw comics, that's the goal. If I could get a gig drawing comics and still allow myself time to wrestle, that'd be the dream.

CS: Marvel or DC?

SL: I'd work for whoever hired me! If you mean reading wise, as I kid I used to read tons of Marvel, now it's more DC than anything. Avengers books still keep my interest though. Funny thing is, as a kid I hated them because they didn't look like a team. Now, I can't put the book down.

CS: Who would you consider to be your biggest influences in terms of your art?  Who are your favorite current artists?

SL: Jim Lee hands down. He's the Bret Hart of the Comic Book World. Also, fellow Filipino Leinil Yu, is my #2 pick, followed closely by J. Scott Campbell. Campbell doesn't draw enough books though. I love his work, but he needs to produce more than covers and hot Disney chick splash ups.

CS: What's on your pull list currently?

SL: Alright, let me see what I can remember: Green Lantern books, Superman/Batman, X-Factor, X-Force, JLA, JSA, Tons of Batman titles... that's all I can think of right now, but I know there's way, way more. Maybe it's all the different Batman and GL titles that make it seem that way. Eh..

CS: What milestones do you see yourself reaching in 2010?

SL: Getting that PWG belt and putting together an Art Portfolio worth looking at! Those are the goals I have for myself and the ones I intend to reach.

For more info on Scott Lost, you can find him on MySpace at and on Twitter at

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