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Cageside Seats Monster Month #20





John Nord was a big, scary ass dude. He blazed a trail of destruction through Mid-South, Japan, the AWA, WCCW and up and down the west coast in the mid to late 80's before landing in the WWF in 1991. Since this was the early 90's WWF Nord had to have a waaaaacky gimmick of some sorts so he wrestled as a viking. Thank God he didn't end up with an occupational-based gimmick like so many others before him. He'd come out wearing a viking helmet and yelling HUSS HUSS as a shout out to his late tag team partner Bruiser Brody. His finishing move was to simply throw his opponent over the top rope and win by count out. He tried to stab the Undertaker with a sword. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. Alas, his time in the WWF end far too soon and he headed to Japan for a few years before winding down his career cracking skulls on WCW Saturday Night. An awesome big dude who was scary as hell. Here's a few of his finer WWF moments, including a fun little match with the eternally underrated Jim Brunzell. Good night.




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