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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

This match had a build up that I loved. Rhino fucked up New Jack on a few occasions. New Jack had managed to get at Rhino once or twice. New Jack cut this great promo on the last episode of ECW on TNN. Where he promised that after he beat Rhino he was going to put him in a mini skirt and stiletto heels and pimp him up and down main street. Rhino had the elegant reply where he promised to tear New Jack's guts out and bathe in his blood.

Now honestly the match did not live up to its promises of male prostitution and ppv disemboweling. In fact its pretty tame fora New Jack brawl. What it does have is a finish I love.

Rhino despite being champion comes out first. Jack comes out wearing his formal wresting gear along with his good pacifier. Instead of doing his normal rush to the ring. He seems very calm. Casually tossing weapons into the ring. the match is most hitting Rhino with various weapons. With one cool spot of Jack doing his running chair attack from the apron to Rhino at ringside.

Rhino pulls the ref in front of him to avoid a garbage can. Heel ref Danny Daniels hits the ring only to be stapled by New Jack. Jack takes out the guitar to play a tune on Rhino's head.

I love what happens next. Rhino just no sells it. New Jack actually gets scared having no idea what to do now. Rhino finishes him very quickly.

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