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Tim Sylvia Fleeing to Japan

Tim Sylvia; A guy that'll fit right in at a Japanese freakshow
Tim Sylvia; A guy that'll fit right in at a Japanese freakshow

Tim Sylvia, the big lunk that we've all grown to be embarrassed by is set to finally make his Japanese debut in DREAM. The opponents? Monte Cox is saying either Alistair Overeem or freakshow Hong Man Choi. Will Japan be more accommodating for Big Tim?

In fact, Cox said he has been involved in serious negotiations with both DREAM and Sengoku, and believes Sylvia will fight next on New Year's Eve for either organization.

"I feel pretty confident that he is going to fight there," Cox said on Thursday.

Cox added that Alistair Overeem and Hong Man Choi have been discussed as potential opponents for Sylvia, but nothing has been finalized just yet. A fight against either man would take place in a DREAM ring because they are both under contract with that organization. 

Sylvia was rumored to be scheduled to make his DREAM debut on Oct. 25, but his recent injury delayed those plans. Regardless, a high-profile victory on Dec. 31 could be just what the doctor ordered for Sylvia, who prior to the win over Riley, lost four of his last fight bouts, including an embarrassing nine-second loss to Ray Mercer. 

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