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Cageside Seats Monster Month #31



Ah, the late 80's. Wrestling has always been a little bit slow to take things from mainstream society, so it came as a shock to no one when Art Barr showed up in WCW in 1990 doing a ripoff of Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice character from 1988. This is not me placing blame on Barr, as he had been doing the gimmick on the indy circuit for a couple years. This is just me pointing out that a major wrestling promotion thought it would be a great idea to base a wrestler off of a character from a movie that was a couple years old and not really socially relevant. Anywho, Art Barr was awesome and made the best of a bad situation and damn near made it work. Little kids dug the character. However, Art eventually was sent packing and went to Mexico where he had a bunch of awesome matches and died in his sleep. Here's a couple of The Juicer's squash matches. Enjoy!



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