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Vince McMoments: Those jogging suit things and his laugh and being sad about Andre in WCW and stuff

In 1991, when Prime Time Wrestling switched to a new format of skits in front of a live studio audience in between taped matches, Vince McMahon became the new host. Also in the midst of promoting the World Bodybuilding Federation, he made some odd fashion statements, even by his standards.

So here's a video of Andre The Giant's last American TV appearances. First he's on Prime Time Wrestling making Bobby Heenan crush grapes with his bare feet as Vince watches, laughing THAT laugh and wearing some sort of unsightly Zubaz jogging suit thing that only he would wear. Then there's Andre's appearance at WCW Clash of the Champions XX in 1992, which doubled as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the debut of wrestling on TBS. Seeing Andre on WCW programming without any warning reportedly made Vince very sad.

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