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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

Tonight im going to look at a match I have been meaning to watch for awhile. Its Andre the Giant and "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and the Ace "Cowboy" Bob Orton from Madison Square Garden August 10th 1985.

This match is a part of the Piper vs Orndorff feud. It started after the first wrestlemania when Piper blamed Orndorff for costing them the match. Not really sure of the context of this match. Im guessing Orndorff was sick of being ganged up on and brought in Andre as back up.

[dailymotion id=x4c6n1]

This will be the first Andre match I have wrote about on here. The big talking point about Andre is he was really good when he was young but when he got old, his body broke down. That actually is true. But he is still really underrated. As smart a work guy as you will ever see. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it. He also has this tremendous ring presence and charisma that is unmatched.

I never thought of Roddy Piper as a great wrestler. Just always as a great personality. But the more I see of him in the eighties, the more I realise how good he was. He has this big charisma and ring presence about him. Despite having some cartoony offense everything he does has an air of being real.

The match starts off with all four guys brawling. Orndorff takes Piper and bangs his head into Orndorff's cast. Once order is restored the actual match is started. Orndorff and Piper start off. Going back and forth before Piper tags in Orton. Before tagging out to Andre. Andre starts trying to rip the cast off and choking Orton with the tape! The fans are super hot for this match, but its funny how Andre and Orndorff are working like heels.

Piper attempts to save Orton, only for Andre to start choking out Piper with the tapes. Then choking him with the tag rope and doing that butt bump in the corner. Andre then walks across Bob Orton's belly.

Orton and Piper finally get the advantage by double teaming Andre and choking him out with the tape. Orndorff attempts the save and gets beaten up too. After a few minutes of being beaten by Piper and Orton, Andre makes his own comeback. Biting Pipers nose then biting Orton before tagging out to Orndorff. Now the match is back where it started with all four men brawling. Piper and Orndorff are trading blows. Orndorff really has great looking punches.

Meanwhile Andre has Orton in the corner but Orton brings his kness up before Andre can hit him with the butt bump. Andre goes down and Orton attempts a move off the top rope that Andre blocks. You'll recognize it as a clip that was in the Prime Time Wrestling intro for years. Its enough to end the match as Orndorff gets the pin for his team.

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