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In which we learn about Chris Colt


Oh, the the things that Google finds for you...

Chris Colt is a name known to some older fans but unknown to most. He had a reputation for being an incredible worker on the level of Pat Patterson or Ray Stevens (though unfortunately, the only match on videotape from his prime that's circulating is kind of a glorified squash), and an eccentric wildman whose exploits were stuff of legend among wrestlers and some fans. Several years ago, Dale Pierce, the foremost historian of Arizona wrestling (where Colt had one of his best runs), wrote an article about Colt and his tag team partner/companion Ron Dupree for (not exactly a bastion of wrestling history pieces) of all places. The original article, which I found while Googling for Colt info, is gone but still available via the Wayback machine. Well worth reading, if just for stories like this:

He returned to Phoenix and was fired, when on an acid trip, he freaked out during a cage bout and thought he saw giant spiders crawling up the cage. Making his escape, he headed into the crowd, swinging wildly, and starting one of the worst riots ever in Phoenix.

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