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Random Smackdown thoughts

-Still hate that Jerichio/Show mashup theme.
- Ziggler has a big push now. remember when he was just the other blond guy that says
his name?
-Oh exclusive interview with Angelic Diablo Matt Hardy! I hope he cry's for the fans forgiveness.
- I see from a SummerSlam ad that DX has a new remixed verison of it’s music? Wow after all this time they change the DX theme.
-What is Matt Hardy’s agenda??????? Will he buy Jeff a new dog??
-So it turns out that Matt did not cry at all :(
-He also said nothing about getting Jeff a new dog to replace the one that he killed a while back :(
-Todd on Kane "this is what evil looks like " So evil looks like a seven foot libertarian?
- The Great Khali has feelings! The Great Khali was not even human till he met X-pac!!! nevermind that was a X-Pac/Kane 1999 angle flashback.
-Jeff Hardy is talking! And he is on a ladder! Jeff says that he does not " listen to doctors orders" and the crowd goes "yeahhhhhhh" take that doctors what with your knowledge and all.
-Punk comes out to save this segment and Punk says to Jeff "You think you can fly" Jeff replies back "I don’t think I can fly MY SPIRIT KNOW’S I CAN!!!" what a dork.
- Punk then just pushes him off the ladder like the dork he is.
- Punk finally said "Straight Edge means I'm better than you"
- Now they are doing the ‘hard sell in the ring" thing. It reminds me of Joey Styles and Joel Gertner at the top of ECW on TNN shows. Im waiting for Jim Ross to start making sexual puns.
- The main event was cool. So i guess Matt will turn on Jeff on Sunday right?
-I heard that Undertaker will feud with CM Punk. What will heel Punk say about him? Do straight-edge guys hate the life-style of Deadmen?

-And remember everybody ..... "I don’t think I can fly MY SPIRIT KNOW’S I CAN!!!"

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