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ECW Is Some Stuff

Ezekiel Jackson 3

Oh boy oh boy, it's time for another exciting episode of ECW on Syfy. What amazing things happened? Find out........ after da cut!

The Hurricane (but you can call him slurricane) defeated Paul Burchill in a match that started somewhat tepidly but ended extremely awesome. It was largely awesome because Matt Striker kept making comic book references and also Burchill did the AJ Styles pele kick. The difference being that AJ Styles is a skinny little midget and Paul Burchill is a real man.

A new, somewhat shovel-faced girl interviewed Tommy Dreamer about some garbage and then Vladimir Kozlov killed our fat and earnest hero.

Oh boy, another interminable Abraham Washington segment. He had Goldust on and I've got to be honest: I just discovered Lady Gaga and I could not not listen to Poker Face during this segment so I don't actually know what happened. I would guess Seamus came out and there was some tension. I don't care, and neither should you. Get a life.

In the dream match of all time, Zack Ryder beat Yoshi Tatsu. This match could have and should have gone for about 3 hours. But it didn't and we will have to eagerly await a rematch. Seriously this was really good for the time they had.

There's some recap for some garbage I didn't see the first time and certainly didn't wanna see this time either.

The main event saw Christian and the designated hitter of my main mans Ezekiel Jackson against William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov. Jackson wore red trunks, as did Kozlov. Would that come into play? Why, yes it would! Zeke betrays Christian with his "uranage" and then Regal rushes in for the pin. Then they all celebrate together which is officially the most badass trio in WWE history. P-p-p-pokerface.

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