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Indie Guys You Need to Know: Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor has been wrestling all over the United States for a few years now. He made a bit of a reputation for himself as being a wacky wrestler and for scaring small children at shows. In truth, Chuck is a solid wrestler and his greatest attribute may be his adaptability. Although his entrance music is "Hey Sandy" (the theme to "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"), his offense sometimes features an imaginary hand grenade, and his finisher is called the Awful Waffle, Chuck is something of a chameleon, filling whatever role needs to be filled. In CHIKARA, he is sometimes called upon to be a ruthless ring general. In IWA-MS he was one of their longest-reigning heavyweight champions. One of his early defining feuds were high-flying cruiserweight contests against Ricochet. In PWG he's not afraid to be a buffoon, shrieking and being tossed around by women like Candace LaRae. Chuck is a lot of fun to watch, and even more fun to watch live, where he is a master of playing to the crowd. Enjoy the above highlight video. After the jump, I've featured a video that demonstrates Chuck's intense workout regimen, as well as his finest moment of making two children cry at once.

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