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Can Carano Rebound?

gina-carano-pink-glovesThere is a lot of talk after Saturday night's Strikeforce event of if Carano was all flash and no substance or not, as well as if Women's MMA will go up in smoke after its lone pretty face was beaten into a pulp by Brazilian bruiser Cyborg Santos. Total MMA has a bit more of a cautious view on the subject, saying that if Carano works hard and comes back there is little chance of her stock going down. Everybody loves a fallen hero making a comeback.

In the end, the onslaught by Santos was simply too much for Gina and the ref had to make the tough call and end the fight. There will be talk of Gina trying to wait for the bell, the bell that came as the ref was stopping the fight, but Gina wasn’t defending herself and was finished. There will be talk of doom and gloom, with this being the end of women’s MMA and the end of Gina Carano, but the story is long from finished. People love an underdog story and part of what makes somebody special is being able to pick themselves up from a loss and come back better than ever. Hopefully Gina does just that and we’ll see a rematch eventually between Cyborg and Carano.
This story is long from done, as is Women’s MMA.

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