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Help book Dragon Gate USA!

Gabe Sapolsky, the booker for Dragon Gate USA and formerly of ROH, has announced a chance for some lucky fan to actually help book the competitors for one of the matches on DGUSA's upcoming show held on September 6th.

Taken from the DGUSA website:

Dragon Gate USA is OUR wrestling haven. We have asked for your input before and have listened. So many of you wanted Davey Richards vs. Shingo for 9/6 in Chicago that we signed the match. Now we want your advice again.

FRAY! scheduled for 9/6 in Chicago currently features Johnny Gargano, Louis Lyndon, Hallowicked, Mustafa Ali, The Great Malaki and Shiima Xion. There are spots open for two more competitors. One will be Flip Kendrick if his broken jaw is healed in time. We want some suggestions for the other spot. If Kendrick is not ready then we will need two more combatants.

The rules to FRAY! are simple. There are eight wrestlers. Two start the match. Another will enter every three minutes. Eliminations can happen at anytime by pinfall, submission or DQ. There are no countouts. The last survivor is your winner.

The idea behind FRAY! is NOT to be your basic "pre-show" or "dark" match with talent that isn't good enough for the main stage in short matches with restrictions. FRAY! is meant to be a true "bonus" match for the Golden Ringside ticket holders featuring the cream of the crop of the new generation.

To enter your suggestion, go to the DGUSA website, and click on Featured Articles.

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