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Random Smackdown thoughts

-Punk is once again ruling as a heel and here comes Jeff Hardy! And he looks like a bum!
- And Jeff says "Im here and IN YOUR FACE" what a dork.
-It seems that Kane kidnapping Runjin Singh was one of the most terrifying moments of Runjin Singh’s life. Are we ever going to get a top ten list of the most terrifying moments of Runjin Singh’s life?
-I see that Doulph is rocking the Barry Windham vest.
-Mike Knox is still around?
-In a al qaeda-like video Kane is torturing young Runjin, (who nobody has tried to help at all) and trying to get him to insult The Great Khail. Maybe Soon this will get all "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS" on us.
-So Runjin is Khails brother? Wow Runjin Singh character development.
- So Khali tries to help his brother and gets his ass beat.
- Are they saying that Jeff Hardy is high right now?
- The Harts are cheered in Canada for some reason.
-So next week we have The Hardys and Morrison vs Punk and the Harts. That will rule.
- Punk still rules as a heel btw

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