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Great moments in Brock Lesnar history: Brock throws around Big Show


When Brock Lesnar was in OVW as a developmental wrestler, it was noted how insane his suplexes were. Insanely strong and used to throwing around big dudes in legitimate competition, his suplexes on cooperating pro wrestlers were like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Once he was called up to the main roster and quickly won the WWE title, he had two obvious potential challengers: Kurt Angle, the only ex-amateur in the company even more decorated than Lesnar, and the Big Show, the giant who only Brock Lesnar could suplex at will.

They first met at Survivor Series '02, which was held at Madison Square Garden. Brock suplexed Big Show several times, one of which was the most amazing overhead belly to belly suplex you'll ever see. The match was short enough that it easily fits into a single YouTube video:

The most famous match between the two came later. The usual good match between the two ended with Brock superplexing Big Show into gimmicked ring, breaking it in one of the most incredible visuals ever seen on WWE programming:

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