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Strikeforce Weigh-Ins LIVE

Hello all, this is Ring Psych coming to you LIVE from the Marriott in beautiful downtown San Jose. The weigh-ins are about to start for tommorow night's Strikeforce event, which is headlined by Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg in the most heavily anticipated women's MMA fight in history. Stay updated with us after the jump!

There are tons of people in the Marriott before the doors even open, which is surprising. Strikeforce is handing out complimentary Carano/Cyborg posters and $1 Rockstars. I abstain from both. Josh Koscheck is here, wandering around, trying to get in.

- Doors close with over 100 people still wanting to get in. Crowd: "awwww"

- I did not make it in :(

- Here are the results courtesy Bryan Alvarez at the Observer. I promise, next time we'll get in no problem.

1. Gina Carano (143) vs. Cris Cyborg (144.5) for the 145-pound title

They made it. Title fight is on.

2. Gegard Mousasi (204) vs. Renato Babalu Sobral (201) for the 205-pound title. Babalu looked bemused at his light weight and immediately flexed.

3. Mitsuhiro Ishida (155) vs. Gilbert Melendez (155) for Interim lightweight title. Ishida was booed. Melendez looked worried stepping onto the scale but made it. Everyone in the title fights was told there was no one-pound allowance and you had one chance to make it or the fight was no longer for the title.

4. Mike Kyle (219) vs. Fabricio Werdum (228).

5. Jay Hieron (169) vs. Jesse Taylor (172). Taylor is a pound over and has two hours to make weight.

6. Mike Cook (205) vs. Scott Lighty (202).

7. Justin Wilcox (154) vs. David Douglas (156).

8. Zak Bucia (170) vs. James Terry (169).

9. Alex Trevino (156) vs. Isaiah Hill (156).

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