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Is Will Weatherspoon his Hawk?

Alex Marvez at Fox Sports has a great new article about Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis, AKA Road Warrior Animal JR. Lil Animal remembers wrestling fondly...

"I remember meeting guys like Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake and Typhoon when I first got taken on the road," James Laurinaitis said. "But until the mid-1990s, I didn't really grasp the idea that stuff was staged out and it was more entertainment.

"I wish I did because I could have won a lot of bets with my friends on who was going to win certain pay-per-views. But my dad would never tell me the result. I would ask, 'Are you going to win tonight?' and he'd say, 'You'll have to watch and see.' I would get really mad when he wouldn't win. As I got older, I would laugh when (smaller) guys like Road Dogg and Billy Gunn would beat him. I'd be like, 'That's just ridiculous. There's no way in real life these guys could beat the Road Warriors.' "

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