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CM Punk's next opponent...

The WWE has just released their SMACKDOWN brand's house show cards for September, and it appears CM Punk has a new opponent to face off with in the main events. Who could it be?!?

  • Rey Mysterio is being advertised as Punk's opponent in next month's round of house shows. That indicates that Punk retains his World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam against Jeff Hardy, with Hardy then leaving. Also I would be on Rey finally losing the Intercontinental Title, unless the WWE feels that title vs title would be a gimmick to further sale the angle.
  • What's really interesting is to see if Rey beats CM for the title in a month or two and holds onto the Championship for a while, as rumors circulating recently have been that that is the reason Dolph Ziggler didn't beat Rey for the Intercontinental Title at the last PPV. Rey was apparently promised a long title reign and is holding Vince to his word this time.

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