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Random thoughts for Raw is superkicks to little girls

-I kind of miss real guest hosts allready.
- That Jericho/Big Show mash up music…….Hate.
-Lawler has already started with the "Canada=Bizzaro world!!!" thing that he always says.
-Wow Show vs Orton I guess Show is the face.
-Hunter goes to Texas so we will get more wacky Hunter bits!
- Is It just me or is Kelly Kelly getting younger looking?
-At what point did Alisha Fox stop being a wedding planer?
-The last few months MVP has been the number 3 face on Raw. Yet it does not seem like that.
- So Slaughter is playing heel in Canada by liking America. What are people in America supposed to think about this?
-With The GI Joe movie out they should really have Slaughter do a bit with CM Punk where the Sarge is angry at him for his Cobra tattoo.
- So Shawn quit wrestling to become a chef. This sounds like a kind of strange storyline that I would make up when I played with my WWF action figures when I was 8.
-Hi Eugene. Bye Eugene.
-I bet tonight's Shawn/Hunter skits were really funny when some stoners came up with it.
-So Shawn just attacked a little girl. What will the Apter mags say? I remember the Apter mags being mad that 911 attacked Santa in ECW.
-Man Vince sure loves to troll Canada.
- Now Lawler is explaining what Bizzaro is. Next week Lawler explains the DC Multieverse!
-Screw the main event the highlight of the show was Shawn attacking a little Veruca Salt-like girl .

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