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Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#13) Undertaker vs Bret Hart, w/guest ref Shawn Michaels- SS 97

The main event of Summerslam 1997 featured three of the biggest stars of the late 90s.

The following is taken from SLAM SPORTS' story posted the night of the event.

Going into the match of his life, The Hit Man was against great odds. The American crowd was seated solidly in The Undertaker's corner. A knee injury (which still requires major surgery) nagged at his thoughts. Hart also backed himself into a corner swearing that if he failed to bring the title back home to Canada, he would never wrestle on American soil again. WWF officials took Hart on his word and chiseled the special stipulation into the contract even though he is scheduled to fight Terry Funk on September 11th in Amarillo, Texas, as part of Funk's farewell card.

Carrying the Canadian flag to the ring, Hart grabbed the mike and dedicated the match to his fans. "This one is for you,"he said calling for the Canadian national anthem to be played. Sunglasses hanging low, clutching the Maple Leaf close to his heart; the Hit Man stood resolute mouthing the words of "Oh, Canada" even as the partisan audience booed and heaved projectiles.

Announced as the special guest referee , Shawn Michaels (who had to call the match fairly otherwise face being booted by the WWF) danced and gyrated. Fireworks popped. Hart looked on with the usual disdain. Fireworks exploded again as The Undertaker raised his ashen arms outside the ring. The Hit Man shrugged off the pyrotechnic spectacle with a smile.

[ed. note: The following is after the bout is over]

Fans filing out in droves and pitching garbage into the ring, Hart celebrated wrapping himself in the Canadian flag Donovan Bailey style. Hart's brother Owen, his brother-in-law The British Bulldog and honorary Hart Foundation member Brian (Loose Cannon) Pillman partied with The Hit Man.

For his parting shot as he stepped through the curtains, Hart gave the crowd the one finger salute.

Here's the match!

[dailymotion id=x4bdsh]

[dailymotion id=x4bdwh]

[dailymotion id=x4bdzq]

[dailymotion id=x4be23]

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