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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

Fellow contributor Issac Duke showed this match to me earlier today. Its from the 1990 Great Amercan Bash Harley Race vs Tommy Rich.

The 1990 Great American Bash is a really underrated show. In addition to the great United States tag title match between the Midnoight Express and the Southern Boys. You had a really good World tag team title match between Doom and the Rock and Roll Express. A good opening bout with Brian Pillman and Buddy Landell. This is also the show where Sting won his first World title from Ric Flair.

But this show is significant for something else. Its the final pay per view match of seven time former NWA champ "Handsome" Harley Race. He is working with a guy who beat him for one of those titles back in 1981, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich.

[dailymotion id=x6jtin]

This match was cut from the the home video release of the show along with Pillman/Landell and Dutch Mantell/Doug Furnas.

Depite Harley's age him and Rich jump right into the thick of things. Trading shoulderblocks, clotheslines, bodyslams, and doing some quick arm drags. Tommy Rich is a guy I never thought of as a good worker. He was always that guy who replaced Robert Gibson in the RnR Express and jobbed really fast to Vinnie Vegas at a clash. Later he was the Big Don in the FBI of ECW sorta fame.

But watching a bunch of his stuff from 1990 and he is really good. Seeing him in matches with the Horsemen and he does not look out of place. He keeps up with them and holds his own.

He looks really good in this match. Does a great bump off of a Harley Piledriver. Doing this forward flip and landing on his feet before hitting the ground. But in a natural non showy way. Outside on the ramp Harley hits a nice looking suplex. One of the great things about Harley Race, is everything he does looks like it hurts. When he hits a beautiful looking suplex it looks like he is doing it to win a match, not put on a show.

He continues working over Tommy with a knee drop on the ramp and throwing him on the floor. Rich gets back get inside and clotheslines Race to the floor. With Harley taking a big bump to the floor. Hitting his forehead on the ring apron. Tommy follows and bodyslams Race on the floor.

Race is suplexed back into the ring and Tommy hits a nice looking fist drop. Race regains the advatage and works over Tommy with some nice looking offense. Tommy fights back and soon they are on the floor fighting again. One quick reversal and Race has beaten Tommy Rich once again.

I believe its another year before we see Harley Race again. This time at the 91 Bash as new WCW World Champion Lex Luger's manager.

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