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Phil Mushnick: Still Hates Wrestling. Still Hates Roids.

Anti-wrestling curmudgeon Phil Mushnick has been griding his axe against pro wrestling for years. Even today, in a column supposedly about roided up baseball players, wrestling rears its ugly head in Phil's New York Post column.

Always wondered what wrestling had in common with our national pastime? Besides rednecks who like to scratch themselves and chew tobacco? Now you know: roids.

The truth may be burdensome but it should never be unbearable. Those who would demand that the search for truth be suspended are those who should be most feared and condemned.

The truth may be redundant and become boring, but it's too valuable to be shouted down or eliminated. After all, if not for truth-seekers and truth-tellers, MLB players -- and more than a few -- by now might be hitting 85 home runs, being paid by the yard and being found dead in hotel rooms, two per month, like pro wrestlers.