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Jim Ross: Brock not offered $40 million by WWE


Jim Ross is back again, blogging like the kids do. In between BBQ plugs, he talks a bit about WWE's final offer to Brock Lesnar before he left for football, failed, then fell back to MMA.

Yes, the story that I blogged recently about the WWE NOT offering Brock Lesnar something like $40M for a seven year deal is accurate. Those numbers are not even close. Lesnar was likely offered a $1M guarantee with the opportunity to earn much more. There's a legit chance that Lesnar could have earned close to that much over a 7 year period as he made it north of the $1M mark faster than any one, I think, in WWE history. I think it would be cool to see WWE do a Lesnar DVD and pick up some of his comments from his WWE days and get comments from Lesnar's WWE peers about their thoughts on Brock then and Brock now. That's just a suggestion by the way so before the bus runs over me remember the key word here is "suggestion."

It looks like Lesnar did well to make the move to the UFC. The downside guarantee is a bit higher on that proposed WWE deal, but it would take him much longer to earn the money from the much smaller pot of WWE PPV revenue. Besides, in wrestling he was on the road every night. In the UFC he is at home all but a few weeks out of the year, shooting bears, chopping logs, and making babies. Win-Win for Mr. Lesnar.

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