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Random Smackdown thoughts

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- Punk is really ruling it as a heel but what are little kids thinking when the heel talks about living a clean lifestyle? I mean Punk was talking about the danger of cigarettes and everything
-Wow Vince really must be loving Smackdown, He did a two minute cameo on the show and everything.
- This angle really is better than anything on Raw at the moment.
-Rey is all namedropping Kevin Nash and Bam Bam Bigelow
- I love Khali's babyface music
-OH NO! beloved (well sort of) translator Ranjin Singh is being attacked by Kane! I bet kids are going to sleep tonight crying about the fate of young Ranjin
- JR called a shot Kane gave to Singh a "evil shot that shot was evil!"
_ Man the Jericho/Big Show mashup theme sucks. The best WWF mashup theme ? The Allied Powers (not the DVD)
-Ref Matt Hardy counts Jeff Hardy's pin on Punk so I guess after trying to murder his brother and killing his brothers dog Matt is turning face again
- Maybe Matt can be the Angelic Diablo again or whatever the hell that was
-Punk is just killing Jeff in a attack after the match and getting real heat and Punk is telling the paramedics helping Jeff Hardy "Make sure he's ok! Make sure he's ok! Fix him so I can break him again!!!"
-Hardy/Punk seems to be WWE feud of the year so far. Can you think of anything else?