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Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#16) The Undertaker vs Edge- Hell In a Cell- Summerslam 2008

Ah, finally a match featuring Vickie Guerrero!

This feud actually started in the spring of 2007 after Edge used his Money In the Bank title shot to defeat Taker after he had already been in a cage match with Batista and then injured by Mark Henry. Edge then suffered an injury that would keep him on the shelf for a few months. Edge made his return at SURVIVOR SERIES 2007 when he cost the Undertake his World Title match against Batista in a Hell In a Cell match.

Undertaker went on to defeat Edge for the World Title, but had the decision reversed by Vickie Guerrero. After catching Edge kissing another woman, Vickie booked this Hell In a Cell match to get back at him. Enjoy.

[dailymotion id=x6gyqs]

[dailymotion id=x6h6dn]

[dailymotion id=x6h6f9]

[dailymotion id=x6h6kx]

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