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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

Today im going to look at an epic asskicking from Japan. Shinya Hashimoto vs Masato Tanaka. Its a match from my early and fairly brief period trading tapes. I soon got a computer and discovered you could find tons of free wrestling on the internet. I got this on a tape I bought back in that far off year of 2003.

[dailymotion id=xa37x5]

Shinya Hashimoto is a legendary wrestler in Japan and one of the greatest ass kickers in wrestling history. Masato Tanaka is a guy known from his time in FMW and ECW to take the most brutal of beatings.

Things get off to a raucous start when Tanaka picks up the NWA title and punts it across the ring. This enrages Hashimoto who charges across the ring and kicks the crud out of Tanaka before Tanaka retreats to the floor. He comes back in and attempts to trade blows with Hashimoto and gets his clock cleaned. This is the basic set up for the match. Tanaka fights Hashimoto directly lands several hard blows only to be taken out by one Hashimoto kick.

This is as brutal a beating as you will see in a pro wrestling match. OR anywhere else because a real fight this one sided would of been stopped sooner. Tanaka does manage brief sprints of offense, hitting a hard clothesline then starts kicking Hashimoto in the head. But Hash simply grabs his leg and does a brutal chop to it, sending tanaka to the ground. Then kicks the same leg as hard as he can.

Tanaka rolls to the outside and Hashimoto jumps from the ring apron to double stomp Tanaka's ribs. Now imagine the fattest person you know. Now imagine how it would feel for them to stomp your ribs jumping off the couch.

This is followed by Tanaka taking some of the hardest kicks you will see in a wrestling match. Or almost anywhere really. Tanaka tries working over Hashimoto's knees. But its only moderately successful and Hashimoto is firmly in control again. Continuing to kick the poo out of Masato Tanaka. Hash is nice enough to throw in another double stomp off the top rope. Tanaka fghts his way up and charges Hashimoto only to get beaten back down again.

In spite of the beating Tanaka is taking he is somehow kicking out of every pin attempt. Hashimoto is getting more frustrated and increases the velocity of the beating. He decides to finish Tanaka off but Tanaka avoids the brainbuster and hits his own finisher. But its not enough. Reality sets in and Hashimoto finally ends it.

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