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Brooke Hogan: "I would kick ass"

As the clock on her fifteen minutes of fame hits minute 13, Brooke Hogan is down to working the only marks left to her: wrestling fans. Do the people want Hulkamania to run wild once again? Brooke thinks, yes, yes they do.

"The WWE have told me that if I ever want to become a wrestler all I need to do is walk through the door and they'll give me a job straight away.

"They are always like, 'Hey Brooke when are you gonna put on some spandex and get in the ring?

As much as she loves her fans, Brooke isn't ready to hit the ring running. But I suspect she will. That or porn.

She's not coming to the WWE, and according to Brooke, we don't know what we're missing.

"I would be good at it though, I would really kick ass at it — because I'm really strong and my dad's trained me up since I was 12-years-old."

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