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Help Ring Psychology!

Hi everyone, Isaacduke here. We here at Ring Psychology would like to thank you all for coming back time and again and checking out what we have to offer. As many of you know, we strive to bring you the most up to date news throughout the day (instead of once a day dumps like SOME sites), as well as such features as our lists and videos of wrestling history. Also in the month since the site has been online, we have offered the most in-depth articles on what is going on behind the scenes in the worlds of MMA and boxing.

Over the past month we have watched traffic to Ring Psych multiply by ten, and we are ecstatic at the support that we have received from you, our readers. However, there are two things we would like to ask of you now.

  • If you have any suggestions as to how we can make the site better, please LET US KNOW. There is a comment button right under this post. Feel free to make your thoughts known. Interviews? Podcasts? We are open to all suggestions.
  • Everyone reading this post has at least 5 friends with similar interests, whether that be boxing, wrestling, or MMA. The next time you see a story here that you think may interest your friends, please send them a link. The same goes for messageboards. Feel free to link to any and all of our articles that may bring more visitors to the site. If each of you could turn 5 people onto the site that may otherwise not have heard of us, you have completed your end of the bargain.

All that being said, thanks for visiting Ring Psychology.

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