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Smackdown Spoilers for 8/7: Someone is back

A major star returned at last night's Smackdown taping, which will air this Friday. Find out who, along with all the results of all the matches taped, after the jump.

-- CM Punk does a good in ring promo. Talks about drugs, cigarettes, alcohol;
how he'll win the title tonight from Hardy.

1. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk for the title -- wrestlers go wild and brawl before the
bell. Ref can't stop them. Loads of refs and Teddy Long run in like the Keystone Cops
to break it up.

VINCE MCMAHON appears on stage. Notes that Teddy Long is on probation, and he
can't keep order. Thus Vince needs to take over. He'll have a special enforcer for this
match tonight, which Teddy should have done in the first place.

2. JOHN MORRISON W TYSON KIDD, pin, flip off the top rope.

3. SLAM MASTER J (Jesse) W CHARLIE HAAS, frog splash and pin.

4. DOLPH ZIGGLER wins a 4 way over FINLAY (who he pins), MIKE KNOX, & R TRUTH,
to earn an IC title shot at Summerslam. Misterio was at ringside doing commentary.
Finish: Finlay slams Knox with the sheleleigh. Gets hit from behind by Ziggler.

Backstage: Maria discusses relationship with Ziggler. He's really a nice, sweet
guy out of the ring. Looking forward to his winning the IC title at Summerlsam.

5. JTG (with Chad) W CHRIS JERICHO (with Big Show), pin, small package.

6. GREAT KHALI W Ricky Ortiz, pin, squash. Kane comes out; throws Kali out;
grabs manager, and drags him out of arena. Kahli revives, follows them out.

7. JEFF HARDY W CM PUNK, pin, to retain title, with help from "enforcer" MATT HARDY.
Finish: Hardy is out of ring. Punk lunges out feet first, but hits Matt Hardy as Jeff

A minute later, in ring, Punk has it won, and is on for the pin. At the count of 2,
Matt drags ref out of ring. Punk gets up and argues with Matt. Jeff revives,
pins Punk as Matt counts a quick 3.

Matt disappears. Punk attacks and lays out Jeff. Jeff is put on stretcher,
and in neck brace. Punk goes to stage, and demands that Teddy Long give him
a rematch -- this wasn't fair, Jeff's brother interfered and counted a pin.
Long says match will be held at Summerslam if Jeff is able to compete, but it
will be Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

-- Mike Omansky


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