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Random Raw thoughts~!

- Compared to Piven and his wacky Asian sidekick Seth Green is the Misawa of Raw hosts

- They write for Cena thinking he is as good on the mic as the Rock but he can not get material that bad over.

- OMG! Piven said Summerfest instead of Summerslam. You can tell that Piven is not a fan unlike Seth Green and Shaq

- OMG! Hunter just buried Batista and Flair are those two on the out's with Vince?

- Jericho asked Lawler how many titles he held outside of WWE.. that was strange

- And now Jericho almost said Charles Robinson's name on TV but according to new WWE rules he can not (why? I have no idea)

- It turns out that Piven and the Asian guy were heels all along! Hey why would I want to see this guys movie now as I do not support rule breakers!

- So the asian guy hit his head nice catch dudes.

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