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Jobber versus Nobody (or, Raw dark match and Superstars results)


If you're reading this, you're probably curious about the result of the dark match between Alex Riley and Jamie Noble before Monday's Raw taping. OK, maybe you aren't. But you probably are curious as to who the hell Alex Riley even is. Well, he's...that guy. In the picture above. Can't really say much more. He's working a high school football player gimmick, which is appropriate since a large percentage of wrestlers high school jocks who need an excuse to keep juicing themselves up after their collegiate athletic days are done. But when he debuts on ECW in a few weeks (that's no guarantee, but all the new guys start on ECW, right?) he'll no doubt become an internet favorite, so you might as well start liking him now.

Anyway, between this obscure young upstart and his opponent, Jamie Noble, who doesn't exactly have Randy Orton's win-loss record himself, one would question if it were possible for both men to lose the match! Fortunately for one of these men, that was not the case. But who would emerge the victor? In the pre-internet days, we'd have to wait for weeks for the news to arrive by carrier pigeon. But thanks to contributor Brian Mapes, the results are available just hours after the event took place. Plus, the winner Santino vs Chris Masters for this week's Superstars, after the jump!

Alex Riley v. Jamie Noble in a dark match

Riley cuts a heel promo about his high school accolades saying he scored 5 td's in a game (like Al Bundy)...Noble wins with a roll up after a missed shoulder block in the corner...decent opener

Superstar 1st match
Santino v. Chris Masters

Masters still looks chiseled without the juice? santino chant to start as he plays it off...Santino eventually tries to get in the Masterlock with no luck...Master dominates and Santino Hulks up...Santino misses a fist off the ropes and Masters wins with the Master lock...some people actually cheering Masters

Sad sign I can count 30 john deere looking U cant C me hats...ugly

Guessing Mysterio/Knox that they said "tonight" on will be shot after Raw or at Smackdown tomorrow as it's 8:53 and Lilian's in anthem mode

Let's hope Raw is WWE tested and Todd Martin approved

-Bryan Mapes

Credit: F4WOnline

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