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Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#20) Mankind vs HHH vs Steve Austin- '99

Summerslam 99 is remembered for a few matches that mostly defined what it was like to watch WWE programming during this time period. In the undercard you had Steve Blackman taking on Ken Shamrock in a Lion's Den Match. The greatest "huh?" tag team of all time, Kane & X-Pac, took on the Undertaker & The Big Show for the World tag belts. You also had The Rock buried in a "Kiss My Ass" match with Billy Gunn, a feud that makes you wonder if the writers had literally ran out of EVERY idea for The Rock at this point. But in the main event, you had a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title between Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and Mankind, with special guest referee Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

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