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Brock Lesnar on ESPN's E:60

Some UFC guy named BROCK LESNAR will be featured on ESPN's E:60 Tuesday night at 7pm EST. The piece is an in-depth interview covering his rise to stardom. ESPN's lengthy preview for the show is after the jump.

"When Brock Lesnar was introduced to E:60 viewers last October, he was a superstar from World Wrestling Entertainment trying to make it in the very real world of mixed martial arts. And the question was, could he take punches as well as he once faked them? Well, it's still an open question—if only because Lesnar's been dishing out all the punishment. He's easily won every fight since then, and at UFC 100 in July, the heavyweight champion avenged his only loss with a swaggering performance that elicited both awe and scorn. To many sports fans, Lesnar is now the face of the UFC. To others, Lesnar is the UFC's first villain.

Lesnar first rose to fame as "The Next Big Thing," in Vince McMahon's WWE, making millions of dollars before walking away from it all at the height of his popularity to pursue his childhood passion of competing as a professional athlete. Lesnar first tried out for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, but didn't make it out of training camp. Then he found a home in the fastest growing spectator sport in the world -- MMA.

Lesnar sat down with E:60 correspondent Tom Farrey for an in-depth interview in which he discussed growing up on a dairy farm on the outskirts of Webster, S.D., his emergence as an NCAA champion wrestler, his struggles with the WWE, rumors of steroid use, and now, his career as a mixed martial arts fighter. With only five professional fights under his belt, Lesnar dominates his division and has arguably become the biggest pay-per-view draw in combat sports since boxing's Oscar de la Hoya."

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