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The Prodigal Son Returns

14 months of speculation result in Ortiz coming back to the UFC

Tito Ortiz is a business man first and foremost. He realizes that his best days as a fighter have passed. He understands that he's no longer a top 5 light heavyweight. He gets the fact that his name and face carry more value than his actual skills at this point in the game. Most importantly, he knows that there's an awful lot of fans out there who will pay to see him regardless of whether or not he's a diminished fighter and that the best place for him to ply his craft is the UFC. Tito is coming home. Freshly recovered from a back surgery that is supposed to give him back his explosiveness, Tito is rumored to be facing off with fellow MMA graybeard Mark Coleman sometime later this year. He may not win UFC gold ever again, but there is no denying the impact Tito has on mainstream MMA exposure. Like him or hate him, Tito is good for MMA.

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