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UPDATE: UFC Press Conference to Stream on at 11AM PST

Thanks to Dana White's love of all things Twitter, we now know that the UFC press conference today will be streamed live on While White has made many claims of big announcements prior to press conferences in the past only to let fans down, today might be very different. With a recent deal with ESPN, the highly probable re-signing of Tito Ortiz, and the Fedor negotiations all in the news, it should be as action packed as a press conference could actually be.

UPDATE: Well, apparently even the UFC President can be wrong about the UFC. It appears that rather than appearing live, the conference call, or details of it, will be offered on the UFC site later in the day. Dana updated his Twitter page to point fans to where they can hear it, but that webpage is also not offering it. Technically, with his careful wording, he never said it would be streaming live at a 11AM, only that it started at 11 and would be streamed. Tricky...

For details of the conference call as it happens, follow the MMANation Twitter page.

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