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"If I Could Just Retire for a Minute..."


Longtime indie darling and former WWE employee Lance Storm announced his retirement yesterday following a well-received main event on 7/25 against Chris Hero. He updated his website speaking about the match and his decision:

I shared this match with people who share my love and respect for this business, and I am now home being Lance Evers with the family I will share the rest of my life with. I still have my school, and I will always be a part of this business, but I truly believe I am now done as a performer. They say, never say never in this business, and because of that I won’t, but I think I left it all in the ring that night and I believe I wrote the final page in the 19-year long book that was the career of Lance Storm.

Lance has been more or less retired for the past several years anyway, but regardless, I'm sure that in some small way we'll miss that wooden-faced son of a gun.

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